Nuclearwar is a space-strategy browser game. I have worked through the course of 1 year to create everything from concepting to in-game graphics, enviroments, UI, icons, website landing page, logo design and promotional materials.

Here you can see a lot of the work done for the game enviroment. All of the buildings have been created in 3D and adapted to fit flawlessly into the 2D enviroment. When they are built by the player they are shown as a overlay to the planet background.

Then the planet needed 2 new states. Because the game featured a real-time orbitting system, each planet would have its own day and night setting. So the enviroment has been changed accordingly.

This is a intermediary setting, between the day and night. And I wanted to point out the tiling transparency sky layer. It was made so that a planet png can be animated under the sky layer giving the partiall transparency effect of a real sky as it was passing by.

Now I'm gona follow up with more enviroment photos. Enjoy...

Creating these images was a challenge and it was really rewarding seeing them all come togheter by the end of the project. I've learned a lot while making this.

This is the design for the main page of the website.

After that I've worked on creating the GUI for the game.

And finally some promotional materials. Awesome project, i'd like to thank Alfredo for the opportunity to work on this project with him. It's been awesome.