First version the logo created for Feeestival Magazine. The aim was creating a fun and iconic character to serve as the magazine's guide and mascot. This character will then be adapted to fit the various styles and moods of the upcoming events and festivals the magazine will feature.

Second version of the logo. We've worked through a number of iterations to find a better color pallete and mood. Eventually the clients settled on this version of the logo.

Now come the different mascots and variations on the main character. I've worked on a lot of styles for all the potential festival types.

Enter the bookworm, typewritter, movie and reading enthusiasts.

Now in this image, if you can't already tell, you got the DJ, samba, retro and hiphop sheep and of course Britney Spears with a snake. It was all written down on the project requirements sheet. Lets continue...

The orchestrator, director, hip'hop bling with his pimped-out lawn mower, and N'sheep of course.

Now from right to left, EMO Sheep, PunkRock Star, On the catwalk and Photographer. I think they probably dont really need this description, but I have to say its alot of fun on my part.

After all the mascots were completed we proceeded to draft out the website design. This was a early version of the website.

And the festivals presentation page. The project stopped during the time I was working on the website. Apparently their funds got cut and not much from their initial plans came to completion. Its not the best of outcomes but I have to say I've learned alot from working on this project. Being my 'first big project' I appreciate the privilege of expanding the initial design into the variety of work you see here.