Fat Ninja started out as a Mario-style platformer ideea with physics, where the Ninja was supposed to navigate the physics level with his awesome ninja skills. The game ideea had then been changed to something more of a Angry Birds type game. Here is the splashscreen graphic.

The main menu and UI. Had lots of fun doing this, it has a sort of Kill Bill thematic to it, as the background is on a parallax slider with all sorts of ketchup flying in the background. I haven't included the short storyline graphic here, you may want to check that out in the game yourself.

The level pack screens were designed to set the ninja as he starts out young and adorable and evolving into the badass he was meant to be while defeating all the enemies and getting his cookies back.

Yeah. It's getting serious.

Check the pose.

And now for the super-serious stearing-into-your-soul look. Yep, lets move on.

I loved designing the main character for this game. I was aiming for something as simple as possible while retaining a certain expression of the serious and cute ninja. The enemies were designed in the same style, with a added 'shirtless bad-guy' stereotype from the old ninja movies. Ultimately the cookie is the friendly and happy figure who the ninja is desperately trying to rescue. I mean, who doesn't love cookies, right?

More screenshots from the in-game view follow.

A quick view of the level editor. Fat Ninja was released with a fully functional level editor. Players can create and share their own levels.

And for the people who want to see what the ending looks like :) I had fun creating the graphics for this game, especially the more 'cinematic' parts of the game. Definetly a good project. Downside is I feel like the gameplay could use a lot of improvement to really get to the point where the game is super intuitive to play. I still wish I could talk the developers into revisiting this part of the project.