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A game about energy

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A game about energy

Created this little update for a game already on the mobile stores. Its due for a reskin, but the project…

Ui work ZUMA style

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Ui work ZUMA style

So I’ve been working on a lot of various stuff. But here is a nice chunk of work for the…

Sneaky Ballons UI is complete

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Sneaky Ballons UI is complete

I’ve finished up the UI, I won’t share a preview because I’m waiting to integrate everything in game. Afterwards I’ll…

More UI and monsters

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I’m currently building up all the elements for the Sneaky Balloons iPhone game UI. I’ve gone through a big part of it but there is still more to do. Alternating this with creating monsters for the toilet monster army, i’m going to have a long weekend.sneaky ballons graphic user interface design by stefan sava

Sneaky Balloons UI update

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Got lots of work to do today. First on the list is a update for Sneaky Balloons UI, this is how the new style of buttons and logo look like. Still have a lot to do, but its a good start. Cheers!

UI update for Tiberiu Jinga