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Learning game design

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Ok been a while – again 😀

Still trying to get to updating on a regular basis but I’m not really there yet. It’s on the back of my mind though. Anyway – this blog will just be a brain dump I guess and a way to keep track and point out where I was and what I was doing.

So – lets get to it!

I’m learning game design – I’ve been at it for quite a while now – I’ve started I can’t remember how many projects now – I’ve even partially learned coding. But game design – wow, never thought about how huge of a black hole this domain really is for me. It’s exciting and the hardest thing I’ve yet to tackle. I’ve had days where I just wake up with a idea in my mind and by the time I try to flesh it out (pen and paper – board-game stuff) it’s almost night time and I have no energy left – and it still feels like I’ve accomplished nothing. And then another day goes by the same with a new idea. Anyways – I guess i’m making some really really tiny progress or at least I hope so 😀

The challenge is real – I’m trying to develop a board-game now. I figured out game-design wise I’m not really able to tackle my problems, so I might as well boil it down to barebones mechanics and have a go at it there. I still have 1 personal project on the ropes (graveyard goldmine) and a friends’ project to make the graphics and some design aspects (infinitrap). And more freelance work incoming. So we will see how it all pans out.

Till next time!