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Toilet monster game almost complete

Category : Character design, Enviroment, Games, Sprites · by Mar 26th, 2014

Ok, I’m almost done creating all the characters in the Toilet Monster game. Its been a lot of work, but the result si well worth it in my opinion. I’ll attach a small preview of the pimp dealer in the game. You will be able to upgrade your stuff when you reach this guy.

pimp character designed for the toilet monster game

He looks all stacked-up and happy to sell you something 🙂

And next I’ll show you a very scaled-down version of a bunch of the characters and different enviroments created for the game.
toilet monster big assets list and enviroment


For a full preview, I’ll link the game once it is complete so you can play it for yourselfs, and I’ll create a new project presentation in the portofolio area for the full project as well, once i’m done. I’m going to start working on the title screen now.


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