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Toilet monster army growing bigger!

Category : Character design, Games, Sprites · by Mar 20th, 2014

So now, for the next couple of days im gona work on finishing up all the graphics for the toilet monster kingdome. It’s a lot of work because the characters are getting more and more complex and i need to add more and more layers to them, and work on each one to give it a good quality.


sprite sheet with toilet monsters

Let me enumerate the monsters: From left to right. The upset lollypop, this poor guy was bit, and now is looking for a fight to vent out his frustrations. Then comes the badass executioner who has sort of a weird fetish for spandex I guess. After that, whatchout its the wild furry rhino-dog. The only way I can explain his angry face is bowel disorder AKA diareea, and that would explain why he has a toiletpaper roll on his tail. I wont go into more detail on the next 3 guys, they clearly have some issues running around in underwear or with a bucket on their heads. After that, well how can I describe this. It’s a sort of a bison-like creature with a pitchfork riding a jelly snail with horns. Yep, thats about right. A green-horned jelly snail i believe is the scientific term 😀 And of course the Angry T-rex who can’t discongest his plumbing. Rough day, i guess its in part due to his very short arms, reaching that toiled must be a pain.


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